Private Military Contractors are here to stay. End of story. But this is not a love them or hate them relationship.
It has much deeper meaning than that. Their collective actions will either make all of us safer, or put others in peril, especially our uniformed soldiers abroad.

Many an insurgent was born when out of control contractors shot up his family, and for the most part he took revenge on the Army, not on the contractors involved.

PMC’s didn’t just arrive. They have a track record in Africa, and in the Balkans, and elsewhere. Some have done sterling work, staffed with peerless professionals. Others are a horror show waiting for a massacre to happen. Most companies lie somewhere in between the two.

If you care about our military, our foreign affairs, or about your fellow Americans placed in harms way, this volume does what not too many others do… provides the unvarnished Truth.

Below find a few excerpts, which touch upon all the bravery, the barbarity, and the human condition which existed in the pressure cooker that was Baghdad just a few short years ago.

Excerpt One
Excerpt Two
Excerpt Three


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America's Covert Warriors 2010
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