“I had absolutely no idea of all of this. Sure, we heard about it now and again on the news, but when I read the book and watched the videos here it completely changed my point of view on how the US Government does business. I used not to care. Now I do.” – Mr. E. Levine, Los Angeles, CA

“ Dear Mr. Engbrecht,
Our son returned from Iraq after a year as a contractor. He returned a different person, a dark and brooding man. He faced some serious challenges with alcohol and stress and it took a number of years for him to fully recover. He still refuses to speak about his experiences. However, he did read your book, which was unusual for him, and one night at the dinner table informed us that America’s Covert Warriors was the most realistic and accurate portrayal of combat and contractor life that he had ever read. We of course both read it and would like to thank you, for now we understand what he went through. Thank you so.  – Mr. and Mrs. Bennet, London, UK

I served in the 82nd Airborne in WW2, in France and Holland, where I was wounded. The author’s description of some of the events in Baghdad reminded me a lot of some of the operations in NW Europe. The same sense of fear, even the same type of people. I recognized many of the men I served with 65 years ago though the names are different. Well done.   CSM (ret) J. Smith, Naples. FL
“I served in Iraq as a contractor, and I also remember the Italian girls who guarded the bridges at Nasiryah. 2004 was the best and worst year of my life altogether. I am glad I went the book brings up some really exciting memories.  And yes, I agree with your opinion of Blackwater.” – “MoFo” Ross, PSD Iraq, 2004-2006

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