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This multi-dimensional good interpretation of fluffy human hair weave hairstyle trends 2013 - fluffy, light, from a different perspective this hairstyle will feel a different style, such as modeling and Missoni clothing complement each other this season, appear more dynamic and vibrant. When this hair stylist in the building when the model head and a head on each side of a small group of remaining soft hair, casual ride over the ponytail, models in walking, meeting under the ponytail swinging, overall modeling showing a sense of flow lines and dynamic, representing a steady stream of vigor and vitality. This stylish hairstyle is a hair care and styling global creative director EugeneSouleiman conference to Missoni2013 winter clothing designed by the Wella professional human hair half wigs, he will this hairstyle is defined as "reserved space doctrine." This really is a subtle and elegant hairstyles, often see, always lazy people feel a burst of beauty. How to build this 2013 popular hair do? First use Wella shampoo + conditioner Nourishing care basis, so that the hair in perfect condition; use SP shine rendering solution, and with the flat brush the hair dryer, the hair is straight and smooth state; the Apply on the human hair lace front wigs mousse Wella dynamic surface and then top to bottom with straightened hair straightened board. In creating this hairstyle, pay attention to the use of styling mousse, and then somehow, it is best not to use a comb to comb smear mousse part, because after smear mousse, human hair half wigs can show texture texture effect, and once using the comb will completely destroy this natural beauty. It is worth mentioning that the mention, fluffy, light and dry texture texture are the three elements of this hairstyle is 2013 hairstyle trends.

Weihai News Network (reporter on Showtime) yesterday, the reporter visited the city several salon found that since the New Year began, barber shop business gradually fire up. Yesterday morning, the reporter in the city saw the pedestrian street, a hair salon, barber shop was packed, six hairdressers busy preparing for the customer human hair lace wigs weave color, perm, haircut, while sitting in the waiting area also has many customers. "New year, new weather, I was ready to cut a short wet and wavy human hair, the texture to be hot." Doing hair Liu told reporters, "Now is the best time to do 'over the years', until the Chinese New Year, after several shampoo After treatment, the hair will be more natural, the best results. "awaiting coiffed lady in that she is to avoid the pre-holiday peak and advance to perm perm. "Last year, Chinese New Year to do cheap human hair extensions, I waited for my turn most of the day before, earlier this year specifically to, I did not expect, and I think a lot of people really." According to the barber shop owner Ms. Wang introduced, from New Year's Day, shop where the business will be more prosperous, the daily traffic of people in the sixties and seventies, six full lace human hair wigs stylists are busy bee every day. Subsequently, the reporter went to the urban culture road a salon, the human hair lace front wigs salon business is equally popular, the owner Mr. Zhang said that from the beginning New Year's Day, the store's passenger traffic increased by about three percent. "According to past experience, the annual Lunar New Year on December 20 from the beginning, will usher in a hairdressing salon peak period, in addition to the weekend, many workers choose to work later in the evening, the store full lace human hair wigs, when business is hottest, often work overtime to one or two in the morning. "

1. Confident: Takeout salon staff should strive to achieve, believe they can sell the work of competent, I believe they can say customers to buy human hair for braiding, I believe that they can overcome the difficulties of marketing activities, regardless of good times or bad is always full of confidence to win, The first step to a successful firm culture. Always keep the faith of their own. To the salon, the product, have confidence in ourselves, we must always tell ourselves: Our salon is the strength of our products have an advantage, I have the ability, my image is trust people, I'm a Experts, I was a personal matter, I was the best. Not able to successfully deal, not their ability to question, but the time was not ripe, not our product is not good, but the object does not fit. 2. Courage: We face the customer, must be balanced state of mind: Customers are important to me are equally important, if we have a deal, he will bring the performance of me, and I will give him the opportunity to create beautiful . 3. Passion: passionate people will know unknowingly gives help, calm face of difficulties, the courage to meet the challenge. 4. Endurance: refers to a person's mental capacity, are important factors that constitute a good psychological quality, usually manifested in a normal state of mind when faced with failure held. 5. Affinity: people tend to have an affinity for others on you good impression, good impression, trusted to make good affinity is linked relationship between people ties. 6. Honesty: Honesty is the largest smart, a person can deceive a person at all times, the same can fool all of the people at the same time, but he can not fool all the people all of the time. The key is to make sales seeking truth from facts.

Fourth Congress of Jiangsu Province Hair and Beauty Association March 28, 2014 the Fourth Congress of the Association of Jiangsu Province, beauty salons in Changzhou Shangri-La Traders Hotel, hairdressing association members from across the province will all be present, the full cheap human hair weave support of the General Assembly jobs! Two in the afternoon, the General Assembly officially began, President Gu Jianhua, represented to us as the Third Council Review: Third Council work in bridge role Association, made a lot of achievements obtained outside the province universal praise! Thereafter, the elections under the leadership of the Bureau of the General Assembly, the fourth member of Congress to take a vote by show of hands by the Council for elective way out as the new president of the Wang Jian, and hired Gu Jianhua as honorary president! Way meeting provincial president, president of the China Association for beauty salons Miss Yan Xiuzhen to the meeting, Tianjin real human hair extensions and Beauty Association, Hebei best human hair extensions & Beauty Association offered his congratulations, everyone gathered to support members of Congress of Jiangsu Hairdressing Association! The next day, Jiangsu vocational school skills competition hairdressing project in Changzhou Tourism Business Vocational and Technical School held intentions of participating players to complete their work, on-site assessment is fair and open more criteria, selected the best works to be awards, game scene is very hot! Jiangsu Tianbao, old times, Jiangsu short human hair wigs and beauty sector is eager to learn, courage to innovate, the new council is also more conditions and obligations to maintain the excellent form of beauty salons, and develop, to contribute to the achievements of the US industry in Jiangsu dream!